Shinjiro Yamaguchi


Born 1983 in Saitama.
Lives and works in Tokyo.


Thinking about time and timing.
Born in Saitama, Japan 1983 December 30th and based in Tokyo.
I’m thinking about composition for the simple harmony and structure, and improvising by music instruments and non-music instruments. Before turning to electronic music and improvisation I was playing the guitar on a rock band in early 2000s.
Now I’m mainly using audio mixer, guitar and other objects (such as glass, plastic bag and strings) but it depends on the circumstances.
I’m a member of Hello (with Takahiro Kawaguchi, Satoshi Kanda) and a rock band "likea".
There are more than 15 recordings, such as solo album [in the suburb] from cherry music (jp), [niju] from ristretto (pt), “hello” (takahiro kawaguchi + shinjiro yamaguchi) [hello] from ftarri (jp) and [november 9, 2007] by sawako + richard chartier + shinjiro yamaguchi from 12k term (USA), and performances at Tokyo (uplink factory, Super deluxe, Kawagoe Art Museum, Ueno Royal Museum Gallery, bankart 1929, Jiyu Gakuen Myonichikan), Chicago, London (ICA) and Lisbon.



As Solo
2004 ASAMO “NIJU” / Ristretto (Lisbon, Portugal)
2008 ASAMO “NIJU (reissue)” include new 3 tracks and a video / Ristretto (Lisbon, Portugal)
2008 Shinjiro Yamaguchi “In the Suburb” / Cherry music (Yamagata, Japan)

2004 Sh_ya + Ura “Two Lines” / TWOLINES (Tokyo, Japan)
2005 hiroyuki ura + asamo “Shibuya at Intervals” / TWOLINES (Tokyo, Japan)
2009 Hello (Takahiro Kawaguchi + Shinjiro Yamaguchi) “Hello” / Ftarri (Tokyo, Japan)

Trio, Band and other collaborations
2007 tebla “To/in” / TWOLINES (Tokyo, Japan)
2007 kawaguchi/labycz/mcclure/sprikut/ura/yamaguchi “Short Group Improvisation” / TWOLINES (Tokyo, Japan)
2007 The Tekipa Group “Cache Cache Sound Track” / Textile Performance'07 (Tokyo, Japan)
2008 tebla “out/out” / TWOLINES (Tokyo, Japan)
2008 huva (hiroyuki ura + asamo) “Silent Shadow” / TWOLINES (Tokyo, Japan)
2008 sawako + richard chartier + shinjiro yamaguchi “november 9, 2007” / 12k term (USA)



2004 Soma “Verve” / C.O.A Records (Tokyo, Japan)
2004 ASAMO “Sonic scope 04 the portable edition” / Grain of sound (Lisbon, Portugal)
2005 iodo (André Gonçalves + Shinjiro Yamaguchi) “capermoon” on “Costarring from cherry farm 02” / Cherry music (Yamagata, Japan)
2005 hiroyuki ura + asamo “soonor” on “Costarring from cherry farm 02” / Cherry music (Yamagata, Japan)
2007 Shinjiro Yamaguchi “Sea Black and Red Brick” on “Atlantic Waves Festival Sampler” / The Wire Magazine (UK)
2009 Shinjiro Yamaguchi “Hanarete” on “improvised music from japan 2009” magazine with 3 CDs / improvised music from japan (Tokyo, Japan)


Selected performance

2005 at Uplink Factory (Tokyo, Japan) "Cloudy Wednesday Sky Is Too High"
2005 at Fonoteca Municipal de Lisboa (Lisbon, Portugal) “Sonic scope 2005” with André Gonçalves
2006 at BankArt 1929 YOKOHAMA (Yokohama, Japan) “Japan Media Arts Festival [Three]"
2006 at Wluw 88.7FM (Chicago, USA) radio show with Hiroyuki ura and Brian Labycz
2006 at Myopic Books (Chicago, USA) with Brian Labycz, Vadim Sprikut and Hiroyuki Ura
2006 at Heaven Gallery (Chicago, USA) with Brian Labycz, Vadim Sprikut and Hiroyuki Ura
2007 at ICA (London, UK) “Atlantic Waves Festival” with Sawako, Richard Chartier and Joáo Silva
2007 at Museu Nogueira da silva (Braga, Portugal)
2007 at O século (Lisbon, Portugal) with Nuno Moita, André Gonçalves snf Joáo Silva
2007 at The Ueno Royal Museum Gallery (Tokyo, Japan) with Kenichi Kanazawa
2008 at Masuii R.D.R Gallery (Saitama, Japan) “Living”
2008 at be off (Utsunomiya, Japan) “Fine field art festival” with Azusa Takeuchi (dance)
2008 at Jiyu Gakuen Myonichikan (Tokyo, Japan)
2009 at Kawagoe Art Museum (Kawagoe, Japan) Performance in “Kenichi Kanazawa’s Exhibition” with Kenichi Kanazawa and Hiroyuki Ura
2010 at loop-line (Tokyo, Japan) “Improvised music from japan 2009 fes”
2010 at super deluxe (Roppongi, Japan) “ftarri doubtmusic festival” as Hello
2010 at be off (Utsunomiya, Japan) with Azusa Takeuchi (dance)
2011 at shicho-shitu (Yokohama, Japan) as Hello
2011 at Sakuradai pool (Tokyo, Japan) as Likea


Exhibition / Installation

2006 at Gallery Countach (Tokyo, Japan) “Re st”
2010 at masuii R.D.R Gallery (Kawaguchi, Japan) “the direction of attention”
2011 at masuii R.D.R Gallery (Kawaguchi, Japan) “book art 2011”
2011 at flying teapot (ekoda, Japan) ”beans exhibition”



2010 at media seven and Shibakawa izou (Kawaguchi, Japan)
2010 at Kawagoe Art Museum (Saitama, Japan)



2004 NIJU artwork
2005 Sonic scope Quarterly #2 Grain of sound (Lisbon, Portugal)
2008 Sonic scope Quarterly #11 Grain of sound (Lisbon, Portugal)